About Austen

Austen Maddox is a Lexington based photographer who specializes in music photography.

I found my passion for photographing concerts after casually shooting one of my favorite musicians and uploading my pictures to Instagram.

Social Media —



It started a firestorm of activity on my social media. From that moment forward it motivated me to continue photographing concerts and posting the content online to see what reactions it would receive. After consistent favorable feedback I began to realize this could possibly be my calling in life. Even though photography has been a hobby of mine since childhood, it wasn't something I ever considered pursuing as a potential career. But thanks to the support of the many wonderful people I met along the way, I have now fully realized my passion and plan to pursue it to the fullest.


I would like to personally thank;

Letha Crosley, Susan Smith & the entire H24/7 community, Sabrina Allison, Danielle Jones, Dawn Smith, Lucy Wilkerson, Adele McAlear, Donna Richardson, Patricia Ruane, Mary Dornan, Mihaela Doskocil, Maria Cristina Lucia, Garnet Ortega and Andre Curran.

Your support continues to push me forward.